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An aerial view shot of Cape Town in South Africa

Best Time to Visit South Africa

If you have already decided to see this beautiful country, you are probably asking yourself “What is the best time to visit South Africa?” The short answer to that is September or October, but the more complex answer is so much more interesting. The best time of year to go […]


Living in Iceland: Your Practical Guide

If you have landed on this page, chances are you have already visited Iceland and fallen in love with its natural beauty. It’s not surprising, really; who wouldn’t love the fresh air, dramatic-cut mountains, warm natural pools, and the northern lights? But what if you don’t ever want to miss […]

Mountains covered in green and brown with a water stream slowing toward the camera make for the best time to visit Iceland
Europe, Family Trips

Best Time to Visit Iceland

Iceland is quickly becoming a popular touristic place to visit. All the natural wonders that this northern country holds have put the country on many visitor’s bucket list. Because the country is situated so far up north, close to the Arctic Circle, the Iceland weather isn’t always predictable or favorable […]

People lying on a beach, looking to the blue ocean with their backs turned to the camera

The Essential Beach Packing List

As winter drags out in North America, it’s more than natural to start thinking of the summer. You know, not having to shovel your way out of the driveway, not having to wear seven layers of clothes… Who wouldn’t start thinking of a beach vacation? For many people, this is […]

View of colonial buildings in Southern Spain

Best Time to Visit Spain

You can find just about any excuse to visit the beloved land of the Siesta. Spain is a vibrant, seventeen-region European country known for its sheer beauty and uniqueness, where its citizens truly know what “taking it easy” means, as you’ll rarely see anyone in a rush to get somewhere. […]

Map of Tokyo Districts

Tokyo Districts

How many districts are there in Tokyo? Well, Tokyo has a total of 47 main centers, with each being like a small city. Tokyo is like a whole other world in itself, really. Before departing for Tokyo Japan, hopefully this nifty travel guide will prepare you for your endeavors in […]

Central America

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

First things first. There are two seasons in Costa Rica – wet (or green) season, and dry season. Boom. That’s all you need to know. Alright, only kidding! Depending on which season you prefer to travel in will likely play a large role in determining when you decide will be the best […]

Visiting Banff National Park Is One Of The Best Things To Do In Canada
North America

Top 14 Things To Do In Canada

Canada’s natural beauty is not lost on most tourists. The country is rather massive but to purchase a flight to this northern country is to gain the opportunity to see one of the prettiest regions in the entire world. Canada has plenty to offer every kind if tourist (it is […]

One of the best things to do in Ensenada - walk the Malecon
North America

6 Memorable Things to Do in Ensenada

Once the capital of Baja California, the coastal city of Ensenada, Mexico, also known as Tijuana’s sister, is a popular town to visit for its proximity to the U.S,  receiving over four million tourists each year. This charming city is a two-hour day trip away from San Diego, and is […]