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Waikiki Beach.

10 Best Beaches in Hawaii 2020

One could spend many lifetimes exploring the endless beaches in the Aloha state of Hawaii. Aside from the Mai-Tais, leis, poké (traditional raw tuna dish with sesame oil and green onions) and the carefree surfer culture, Hawaii is home to some of the best beaches in the world. From tiny […]

fraile beach in Ecuador

10 Best Beaches in Ecuador 2020

Ecuador is a nature lover’s heaven and is full of diverse ecosystems ranging from the Amazonian rainforest to the Andes mountains. Stunning white sand beaches await and you’re likely to discover secluded beaches that you can enjoy all to yourself. Whether you’re looking for a beach to party at, one […]

Renaissance Island on Aruba

Best Beaches in Aruba 2020

Home to some of the cleanest and most aesthetically pleasing beaches, come enjoy the powdery white sands of this nineteen-mile long island of Aruba, where you can soak up the sun on some of the world’s most breathtaking beaches. Don’t just take our word for it: ask any travel guide! […]

Belize, Silk Caye

10 Best Beaches in Belize 2020

With over two hundred miles of coastline and nearly five hundred islands that are referred to as the ‘Cayes’, Belize is quite the exotic destination. Located beneath Mexico, with Guatemala’s border to the South and the Caribbean Sea to the East, this nook of the world is a sort of […]

one of the best beaches in Kauai, Poipu Beach

10 Best Beaches in Kauai 2020

The oldest island in the Hawaiian archipelago, and known as the garden island, Kauai boasts landforms and ecosystems ranging from mountains to beaches, volcanoes, jungle, beach resorts, tropical flora, and fauna, to spectacular hiking and cycling trails. Over half of Kauai’s coastline is white sandy beach, of which you can view awe-inspiring […]

madryn beach

Best Beaches in Argentina

Some of you readers may ponder the question “Does Argentina have beaches?” Well, the beautiful and passionate land of Argentina may be best known for its sultry tango, exquisite beef, and fine wines, but the country also has a three thousand one hundred mile long coastline of pristine beaches that […]

ConCon Beach

Best Beaches in Chile 2020

With over four thousand kilometers of coastline that extends all the way up to Peru and down to the Strait of Magellan, Chile has many untouched forests, lakes, islands, volcanoes, and striking white and black sand beaches that span along Pacific coast of South America. Along the Northern part of […]

Peru Beaches

10 Best Beaches in Peru for 2020

It’s the heart of Summer, which means it’s practically a given that a trip to some coastal waters must be made at least once before sweatshirt weather starts again. So what about a trip to Peru? Does Peru have beaches? Yes! With Peru’s two thousand four hundred kilometers worth of […]

Koh Tao in Thailand

Ten Fun Things to Do in Thailand

Thailand’s beautiful white sand beaches, blue sea waters, tasty Thai food, dazzling temples, and lively city of Bangkok, make it the number one tourist spot in Southeast Asia, and a dream destination for many around the world. Known as ‘The Land of Smiles,’ Thailand is home to many smiling faces, […]