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The Affordable Rayong and Ban Phe, Thailand

Want to go to an exotic beach destination yet want an affordable stay and without overly congested beaches?  If you have never been to Thailand before then it is time that you experience this remarkable country and what it has to offer even if you simply just want to be a beach bum the entire time. For many individuals that have never been to the country will all share stories of bad things they heard (usually from people that have never been) and it causes them to keep their distance from this country. The fact of the manner is that you can still take advantage of this country’s inexpensive costs thus giving you the champagne lifestyle on your beer budget.


Depending on your time frame of exploration and/or vacation will determine what all sights you get to see but one thing that was quite good was simply just taking in the sun’s rays on one of the many beaches without having to deal with a heap of other beach goers. The food in the area is worth the trip alone and low cost of hotel rooms as well as other necessities makes this location a treat for those of us that are so frugal that it hurts our loved ones. If you are planning a group trip then others will appreciate the low prices as well. It is not like the hotel are lacking star ratings either as you can find some very nice rooms in the area for a 1/5th of the cost for most beach hotel rooms in other countries.

If you feel like being adventurous then you will want to find a taxi or if you have wheels then head east to the water taxis to Khao Laem Ya – Mu Ko Samet National Park. This island is full of bears, tigers, elephants and offers some incredible views of the natural beauty of the island. Limestone cliffs rise sharply and because it is a limestone island means that there are caves to go into and some impressive waterfalls to see. The main area of the park has a small store as well as an information center so that you can address any of the questions or concerns you might have. There are several boats that make it to the island so make sure you know which one takes you back to where you departed from. The park is certainly big enough to spend a full day roaming around and because of its size you may wish to keep a grasp on the time and your distance of the boat dock because if you get left on an island filled with tigers, bears and elephants then your vacation will certainly take on an exciting and suspenseful chapter.