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The Underrated Cape Town, South Africa

South Africa has had years of bad press that has kept a lot of tourists from visiting in the past. It seems there is like most great travel destinations the fact and fiction and it takes you simply being there on location to decide for yourself. Cape Town has actually be nominated as well as won people’s choice awards for tourism as the second largest city in South Africa is full of rich history, culture and sights to see.


View of Cape Town with Table Mountain in the Background

With the long history of being a stopping point along the European to West Indies trade route helped give the town a history of thriving mixed with cultural upheaval as more and more logistically based companies found their way to the town. Today Cape Town has worked hard to reinvent itself as a world class travel destination and with the help of various international events being held in the city has helped draw in more tourism. These reasons of solidification with the fact that the city is a popular start-stop point for African traveler’s means that there are plenty of great places to eat, sleep and see when visiting.


Cliffton Beach in Cape Town, South Africa

The city is vibrant with various genres of music blasting from clubs, during the night you have a healthy amount of tourists and locals having a great time together. For when you’re not sampling the local drinks you will want to visit Table Mountain as the massive mountain overshadows the city and offers a tram to the top so you can even take it if you sampled the drinks a little too much the previous night. Clifton Beach and Camps Bay are two great spots to enjoy the ocean and especially the sunsets. Robben Island is a great destination for history buffs as it was used as a prison island until 1996 and had even been a quarantine area for a leper colony. The island reef was notorious for sinking ships and the possible resting place of millions of dollars worth of gold coins. For those looking for some adventure will like the different multi-day hikes around the mountains that overshadow the city.


Robben Island, South Africa

When it comes to lodging you will be able to find beds from the low teens and up depending on how nice you want to go. Depending on whether you wish to party or just get some good sleep will also need to be factored in as some hostels will be filled up with young vacationers that love to disregard noise codes and thus ruin your dreamtime if you’re trying to sleep anytime before midnight. I would suggest bouncing around if you have a few days as each place has its own interesting vibe.


Night View from the Heat of Cape Town, South Africa

When visiting Cape Town you will see a vast array of different cultures and a city that is full of friendly faces. If you are going to be running around town then use common sense, if you feel uneasy trekking in somewhere then find someone to go with. Use a safety in numbers method here if you plan to leave the most touristy locations and you will have a good time.


Camps Bay on Cape Town, South Africa’s Atlantic Coast