Praia do Benagil is the star of the Portugal Beaches show
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The Best Portugal Beaches

While once a forgotten place in Western Europe, Portugal has been on the rise when it comes to tourism. Attracting millions of people every year to the mainland and its two islands, Portugal is now one of the best vacation destinations in Europe. You might be surprised to learn that […]


Living in Iceland: Your Practical Guide

If you have landed on this page, chances are you have already visited Iceland and fallen in love with its natural beauty. It’s not surprising, really; who wouldn’t love the fresh air, dramatic-cut mountains, warm natural pools, and the northern lights? But what if you don’t ever want to miss […]

Mountains covered in green and brown with a water stream slowing toward the camera make for the best time to visit Iceland
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Best Time to Visit Iceland

Iceland is quickly becoming a popular touristic place to visit. All the natural wonders that this northern country holds have put the country on many visitor’s bucket list. Because the country is situated so far up north, close to the Arctic Circle, the Iceland weather isn’t always predictable or favorable […]

View of colonial buildings in Southern Spain

Best Time to Visit Spain

You can find just about any excuse to visit the beloved land of the Siesta. Spain is a vibrant, seventeen-region European country known for its sheer beauty and uniqueness, where its citizens truly know what “taking it easy” means, as you’ll rarely see anyone in a rush to get somewhere. […]

View of the colorful buildings near coastal Greece

Best Time to Visit Greece

Located in Western Europe in the South Balkan peninsula, Greece is a country that’s considered to be the bassinet of Western civilization, having had a tremendous impact on philosophy, art, and politics as we know it. From its pristine island beaches (that number over two thousand!) to the capital of Athens, to […]

Paloma Beach
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Best Beaches in France 2020

France is one of the most beautiful (and the most visited!) countries in the world. Millions and millions of people have dreamed of visiting this magnificent European country for centuries. The Art-Noveau-style buildings, the wide 19th-century boulevards and avenues, the breathtakingly rich museums, and the lavish palaces draw in giant […]