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An Introduction to Surfing, Cheap Surf Getaways and Surf Spot Destinations

If you are like most people that believe surfing is only a sport for individuals that have a ton of time on their hands and a healthy trust fund then you are wrong, really wrong actually as I shared that preconceived notion before experiencing it. Yes surfing is like golf in the fact that is can take a lifetime to hone your talent. But it is possible to get some great lessons and rides in for much less than you would expect and in a short amount of time.

Choose Your Weapon, Thunderbomb has Waves for Everyone

So if you can swim then you can surf, but also take the time to do it right by following a few simple tips. First, find a pool and swim your ass off before your vacation because you will paddle more than you ever thought. Second, get lessons if you are starting out then learn the basics and the rules so that you don’t piss off the locals by snaking their waves. Third, if you don’t see anybody surfing those great waves then there is probably a reason for it so ask before getting into potentially a life threatening situation.

 Sunrise at Thunderbomb with the Moon Still Floating

Some of the best places to surf on a budget are located in Nicaragua as it is an inexpensive country to vacation in but there are also several luxury surf resorts if that is more your style.  It also has a nice long surf season with various waves and levels of experience needed. From first timers to kamikazes, the waves can be fat and inviting to massive and traumatizing so it can be best that if you are new to sport that you start by spending a little more and staying at a place that can help teach you the skills and place you on an un-crowded beginner wave and let you step up the wave when you feel like it, until you are surfing their biggest (which is serious pro level). We started off at ThunderBomb Surf Resort in Nicaragua and this was a perfect option for us as they provided everything from an airport pickup to a selection of incredible boards to choose from for lessons and it was all-inclusive so you never felt like you had to worry about anything and you could solely focus on surfing and nothing but. With healthy meals everyday and tons of different activities to do like volcano boarding, clubbing and hiking in the vicinity you will definitely have a memorable experience.

 Sunset at Thunderbomb Surf Camp in Nicaragua

If you feel like trekking it on foot then you can save a little money and choose your destination as there are over 30 prime surf spots to choose from in the country and although some are very secluded you will also have the waves to yourself. The overall consensus is that you can have an incredible “bucket list” experience and live like royalty during your stay for much less than you would expect or find nearly anywhere else in the world.

Barrels all Day at Thunderbomb Surf Camp in Nicaragua