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The Gateway to Northern Australia is Darwin, Australia

Northern Australia is constantly being looked over by vacationers as it seems to lack substance on the surface but if you talk to those that have been then you soon realize that it needs to be checked off the list. The city of Darwin is the only tropical town in Australia and although can become sweltering in the summer it is a constant 90 degrees and sunny during the winter months and therefore a great place to visit. If you wish to trek through waterfalls and see a wealth of green beauty in the many national parks means that you will want to visit during the months of high precipitation such as in December through March and with it starting to dry up in April. If you want sunny days to sail and soak up sun then May through September are ideal and if you want a little of both then October through December give you the beginning of the rainy days again.


Sunset Surf in Darwin, Australia

Being in the city you have some interesting places to see like the World War II Oil Storage Tunnels buried deep beneath the city. You get to see the historical value of the city during the Second World War. Around town you have various wildlife reserves and aqua related attractions like the Aquascene that offers you the chance to feed some big big fishy. The town is spread out and needs to be navigated by bus or taxi if you don’t have your own wheels or there are bike rentals if you feel like using some pedal power. If you don’t mind biking it a bit then you will certainly want to cruise along the harbor on one as you can experience some good places to eat and catch a great sunset. When it’s time to find a place to sleep you can find a room starting at around $30 and quickly going up in price.


Djukbinj National Park in Darwin, Australia

Travelers to the northern territories use Darwin as a jumping off point before they head inland. The city offers all the amenities you need as well as supplies before you get going. It is also a great place to gather intel before trekking through some potentially treacherous climates. For lovers of the water you will have several opportunities to see the seas by either sailing, motor boating or a white knuckling jet boat ride through the harbor. Beagle Gulf and Van Dieman Gulf have some great sights to see if you get the time to explore the surrounding shores. For those wanting to stay on dry land will love the many different and unique National Parks outside of Darwin. From Djukbinj National Park located 30 miles east to the popular Kakadu National Park further inland. There are a few great parks to see with a wealth of diversity and photo worthy scenery.