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Choosing the Right Digital Camera for Travel


If there is one item that you should never forget to bring with you in your travels it would be a camera. It is your tool in documenting the places that you have visited and in capturing scenery or structures that you may never be able to see again. Even if you say that you will never ever forget the details of a certain object, for instance, the human mind’s memory will eventually falter and the only way to remember things as they truly are is by looking at pictures that you have taken of them. It would be nice to open a photo album of all your travels later on and reminisce about all the good times that you had during that trip. However, with the multitudes of camera brands and models that are available in the market now, it is sometimes hard to choose just what kind of camera to buy and bring with you in your travels.

To help you decide, here are some pointers and considerations that you may take note of when buying a digital camera.

Image Quality

Without a doubt, DSLRs produce better photo qualities compared to point-and-shoot cameras. You can adjust various settings with every shot to make sure that you get the right exposure, contrast, and sharpness that will make your photos truly dramatic. The problem is, many people usually just set their DSLRs in automatic mode and let the equipment do its work. You will never be able to get great images if you do this. Therefore, try to learn the basics on how to adjust white balance, exposure value, shutter speeds, focus, and aperture.


A lot of people have sold their DSLRs in order to buy a point-and-shoot camera simply because they got tired of carrying a huge camera as they travel around. Men seldom complain about this, but the same cannot be said for women. It is good that there are newer models now that are more handy and lighter in weight. Therefore, if you do not want the burden of carrying a bulky camera as you walk the streets of Paris, invest on a smaller model that still has the functions of a DSLR.


Point-and-shoot cameras win in this aspect because they really are much cheaper than DSLRs. If you are short in cash, then you might have to settle for a compact camera. Nikon, Canon, and Olympus have launched very affordable models lately. Some of them are actually good, with features like 16 megapixels, various scene modes, zoom, video recording, and some even have a touch screen.


You should also give consideration on the nature of your travel. For instance, if you will be going to the beach and will be doing some snorkeling, you will need a camera that can be submerged underwater. You would not want your expensive DSLR to be damaged if you accidentally drop it while on a boat ride. Hence, you may have to invest on a compact waterproof camera so that you can enjoy your travel without any worries.

Based on these pointers, weigh down your needs and choose your camera accordingly. Remember that you do not need to buy a brand new camera. You can always find a used one or borrow from friends. The important thing is you bring the right camera for your travels.