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The Wonderfully Diverse Georgetown, Malaysia

Located on the island of Penang in the northwest corner of Malaysia sits the city named after King George III. With the Anglican name one would think the city is heavily influenced by British design and culture yet the city is incredibly diverse with Buddhist temples, Muslim mosques, and Anglican churches. Georgetown is a popular destination for travelers going to or from Thailand and offers some inexpensive and impressive sightseeing.


Local Fisherman Docs in Penang Georgetown, Malaysia

With the inner city internationally recognized for its historical value and architecture is one reason why so many are drawn to the area. The city ranks consistently as one of the top locations to live in Asia as it supports tourism, commerce, and is home to many different colleges. As the city was formed as a prime location for what was the British East India Company, you will notice that because it was a main hub it helped create several different classes and cultures of citizens all providing unique characteristics in the melting pot that is Georgetown. With the different cultures and tastes finding a happy medium gives the city a unique charm that needs to be experienced.


Streets of Georgetown, Malaysia

When it comes to sightseeing there are many different routes you can take when running around the Georgetown and Pulau Pinang area. One top pick is to visit the botanical gardens of Penang and the Buddhist temple of Kek Lok Si which happens to be the largest in Southeast Asia. Both of these can be done in one four hour tour by rail that costs around $50-60 each. There are many different temples in the area that need to be explored and in around the area you will find yourself constantly scooting to another and then another. You will also find some incredible local places to fill up on food as you burn calories running around the area. From the gritty to the gallivanting delectable dishes, you will find the inexpensive to the high-end and everything in between making it great for travelers on every budget.


Georgetown, Malaysia

For lodging needs you will also find that the area is quite accommodating for travelers of every financial spectrum. With a hostel dorm room bed starting around $7-8 dollars means that your money can go further whilst you get to experience the town. Those seeking a hotel stay will likely find rooms higher than $20 a night. Though deals can be found, it is likely that anything in the historical districts will likely cost around these levels or more.


Harbor in Penang Georgetown, Malaysia

Nightlife in the area is circa more towards the northern side near the ocean front. Here you will find dance clubs and bars although not as condensed as other cities but all still in an average proximity of one another. If you feel like hopping from karaoke to reggae bars and everything in between then bring cab fare money or some comfortable shoes to walk in.