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5 Amazing Hiking Spots in California


Though California has a number of hiking spots but to find 5 amazing spots from them is not easy as it is not easy to narrow down your list. Still some of these hiking spots, that are really amazing, are being described briefly hereunder for your guidance.

Devils punchbowl: Devils Punchbowl is a park situated in a little town named as Pearblossum on the side of Mt Baldy. It was rocked thousands of years ago with the movement of earth. The rocks at this place seem to be projected out of the land as pushed by an unknown force from underneath. The appearance of these rocks provides a beautiful and out-of-the-world look to the surrounding deserts. You can enjoy the beauty of these rocks only by viewing them from a distance or can also climb on them, if hiking is your passion. So you can add to your hiking experience by climbing at the rocks at this unique hiking place in California.

Hollywood sign: It is one of the most essential hiking spot in California which you will want to avoid during your trip. Hiking on the Hollywood hills behind the Hollywood Sign and near the old Batcave shown in TV shows in 60’s will give you an amazing hiking experience. Though you can not get closer to the sign less than 30 feet but still it is amazing to see Los Angels in front of the Hollywood Sign like narrating its history.

Sturtevant Falls: This hiking spot in California is popular among hikers as you can customize for hiking trip here according to your desire. You can either make a three mile walk to hike on Sturtevant Falls and come back or make it a 15 miles loop by extending your trip up to attached Mt Wilson Summit Trail. The pristine streaming running on the side of Sturtevant hill along with little cabins by its side provides a beautiful scene to the viewers. Hiking on this beautiful spot is really amazing as at the end of the fall it looks like icing a cake.

Barker Dam: Though it is one of the easiest hiking spots in California with its one and a half miles loop track but its beautiful surroundings make it an amazing hiking spot in a National Park. You can enjoy knowing about old history of cattle ranchers and Indian Petrogylphs along with amazing hiking experience on hundreds of its rocks and dry creek bed.

Mt Baldy: It is one of the great hiking spots in southern California as compared to Cucamonga Peak and San Gorgonio that are famous among hikers. You can have hiking experience at this spot as the tram takes you to the top of this mountain and you come back walking on its 8 mile long hiking track. If you are a hard core hiker then you can increase your difficulty level by adding more than 4000 feet elevated track of Ski Hut Trail with this 8 mile long track. Another reason to go for hiking on this spot is the amazing scenic beauty you see from its top position.