The History and Beauty of Guam, Tinian and Saipan

Located south of Japan sits the Northern Mariana Islands made up of Saipan, Tinian, and the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Islands being Guam. These islands are steeped in history from ancient islanders to the remnants of warfare left behind from the Second World War. Since these islands are U.S. territories means that English is spoken and the U.S. dollar is the main form of currency. The different islands offer a lot to those who make the trek to visit and depending on what you feel like will determine which island to choose from.



For starters you have the big island of Guam which is highly civilized and full of tourist things to do. With tourism being a main staple for the local economy and with a large Asian influence in tourism means that you will find several activities to partake in as well as a wide array of shopping that can be done. This makes for a good getaway for those couples that differ in their ideas of what is done on a vacation. As the history buffs go and experience the incredible history of the island and see some of the tanks and aircraft left over from the Pacific Theater, those who wish to shop and be pampered will find all sorts of activities such as spas, massages, yoga, shopping, etc.



Saipan, which is a short flight north will give you a little more feel for nature with fewer crowds whilst still giving you modern amenities and shopping. With water parks and other family friendly activities you can go out and have fun or find a secluded beach to be a bum on. For those looking to get even further away from the tourist trap will certainly want to head over to Tinian. You have a choice to either take a small plane or you can take the water taxi to the island. Once you arrive you will find that the local Chamorro people are very friendly and hospitable and are a great way to find activities and incredible secret spots around the island. From spectacular beaches where you are the only sole around to caves that still hold WWII artifacts untouched since the war. Let it be known that some caves still could have booby-traps set from the war so best to ask or hire a local guide before you go free trekking through them. If you head to the northern portion of the island you will see the actual runways still there where American B-29’s such as the Enola Gay and Bockscar took off from. There are still the pits where the atomic bombs were loaded onto the plans from as well as various bunkers and Japanese artillery fortifications. The adventure is incredible and not often taken by American travelers which make for great conversations as many simply no nothing of the area.




Crystal Clear Water of Saipan