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The Beautiful Mountain Town of Leadville Colorado

The highest incorporated city in the United States is full of atmosphere that you simply won’t find anywhere else. The town of Leadville is full of unique locals that share a love for nature, powder and all around adventure and for tourist we simply just need to ask around to find some incredible eats and treats. Though most associate the town with fresh powdered snow there are things to do in the area all year round. Located at the headwaters of the Arkansas River gives the visiting angler some incredible fish to fight, for the mountain biker you will find incredible trails that challenge and exhilarate. The winter months bring the snowboarders and skiers out to play and if you know the spots you can get away from the reckless and carve up some snow on your own.

For those wanting to get away from the masses or would like to spend less will like to ski Cooper as it is a smaller resort then say Copper Mountain Resort. Sure it doesn’t have all the ski runs but it does offer fewer skiers to fight with and if you are just starting to learn the sport then it is a great place to crash repeatedly so that you can hone your skills a little more before you take on bigger mountains. Since the Cooper winter park also costs less makes it a good place to see if you even like the sport. For ski and snowboard rentals you will find a quaint family owned business on the main street in Leadville that can offer up advice, skies, snowboards, boots, helmets and more advice and it is wise to take their advice as this writer found out the hard way. But rentals are cheap in price and in quality so if you really know what you are doing then you may wish to seek rentals in Copper. For Copper Mountain Resort you have a huge park at your disposal, sometimes if you can plan for it you can purchase 2×1 specials and split the ticket price with your friends. The food and drinks are somewhat on the expensive side so do yourself a favor and bring snacks and a flask with you.

For when you are finished cutting grooves in the powder then you will soon want to replenish those burnt calories and this is where Leadville simply shines. Located on the main street you have several choices when it comes to food but two in particular seem to always become tradition. The first is a pizza company by the name of High Mountain Pies which serves up some of the most interesting yet delicious combinations known to pizza. Do yourself a favor and choose one or two of their specialty pizzas but be prepared to pay a little more than you might think for these awesome creations. The second is a steak house located across Main Street from the old saloon. Here you pretty much only gets an incredible steak to eat and a various flavor Margarita to drink. The simplistic menu makes for a great night that will leave you full and a little buzzed. Once full then waddle over to the old saloon for a great drink and great history. You will find that the town’s people are very friendly and knowledgeable so certainly listen to them especially when they warn you about drinking at altitude.