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The Rummy Goodness of Leon, Nicaragua

Flor De Cana is a name you will know before you leave Leon as it will be ingrained in your migraine if you over do it. Flor De Cana is rum that is sold throughout the world now but is distilled in Nicaragua and is very cheap in the country as well. Since a 1/5th gallon cost the same as an American cheeseburger can give a perspective on costs for one. I myself am (was) not a rum drinker but once you sample the 18 year old Flor De Cana you have a new love in your life, the 7 year(Gran Reserva) is really good too and is found in more glasses than water around the city. Leon is a great town but you have to get in the groove of the city to appreciate it. Yes it does have a lot of trash along the streets and can get hot and muggy there but the people and the atmosphere can make for an epic time.


Getting to Leon is usually done by flying into Managua and either getting on a bus or shuttle to the town which is about two and a half hours away. The town is full of hostels that range anywhere from tropical oasis of relaxation to lets all get naked and jump in the pool party hostel. There are some great sights to see in the town like where the revolution started as well as the old cathedrals that offer guides and even tours up on the rooftop. The town is usually safe but you still want to use common sense and run in a group to unknown places. If you are feeling adventurous then go volcano boarding on an active volcano or simply make a hike up one of the beautiful volcanoes and see the beautiful country side.


If you want to head to the beach then it is about 30 minutes away and can be a cheap taxi ride to the beach especially if shared with 3 other friends. Getting back to Leon usually takes getting on a “chicken bus” and usually has an early deadline for when the final bus departs for the day so be sure to find out from someone at a beach bar or hostel.


The nightlife is where it is at in this city as the clubs offer some beautiful locals and the drinks are cheap and plentiful. If it is crowded then get a VIP room for around $20 total as it will also include three bottles of rum (yes you read that right) and mixers. If you can dance then you will be very popular if you can’t dance then learn how or just try as it will go over real well. When the clubs close then just be sure to leave in a group and not by yourself. This writer did and got very lost, plus it’s always best to keep safe.

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