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Navigating Your Way to the Great Machu Picchu

There are many of us that dream to be looking over the great ruins of the Inca civilization of Machu Picchu yet far fewer of these dreamers will make it a reality. When it comes to experiencing one of the New Seven Wonders of the World you will have to work in order to get to your destination but for today’s travelers it is a whole hell of a lot easier to get to the ruins then it was 20 years ago.


Macchu Picchu

For most of us we will be arriving via airliner into Peru’s capital Lima. Lima is massive so study up on where to go before you arrive. There are several different alternatives to getting to Machu Picchu and if you have money to spend then you can cut out a lot of travel time by taking a flight from Lima to Cusco. Cusco will be the main hub between Lima and Machu Picchu and is where every flight, bus and train will be headed. Taking a flight can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 and before you get excited about the $100 dollar option just know that most of these tickets are for the locals and will take some effort on your behalf to get a cheap flight and not get charged extra just before boarding and an Alpaca garment, good tan and pan flute will still not fool the workers at the ticket counter or else I would try it.


Cusco at Sunset

Most travelers will be taking the bus which is almost a full day of travel as it takes 21-22hrs if there are no issues along the way. This would be a great time to sleep off some jetlag. Once you get to Cusco you can find a cheap place to stay as they will generally start around $10 a night or you can head to Aguas Calientes that is closest to the ruins. Aguas Calientes offers $10 hostels as well and although small you will find a few good places to eat and a market to shop at. Getting to Aguas Calientes from Cusco can be done by bus or if you can afford the $30-$40 trail then definitely get on it as it will allow you to see some incredible sights whilst giving you room to walk around and chat/relax/sleep instead of a crapped bus flying around corners at scary breakneck speeds. There are usually three trains that run to Aguas Calientes and leave in the morning time.


Thermal Bath at Aguas Calientes in Peru

From Aguas Calientes you can choose to trek up to Machu Picchu or take a bus up the Hiram Bingham

Highway and once you reach the top you can sit and relax and take 1,000 photos of this incredible achievement. Travel On.


From the top of Macchu Picchu, Peru