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Northern Lights: What They Are and Where to See Them


The northern lights are a more natural phenomenon that paints the sky with an unearthly color. They normally occur in areas with higher latitudes. The northern lights occur between 6pm and 4 am in most areas during the summer season, they are best visible during the winter season and also autumn season. They mostly occur in areas close to the northern hemisphere closer to the north magnetic pole; the northern lights are common in areas like northern Canada, Alaska and Asia. Northern lights occur when electrically charged particles get into the earth’s magnetosphere, this is as a result of the combination of solar wind, earth’s atmosphere and the earth’s magnetosphere. When the charged electrons get into the electromagnetic field near the North Pole they glow, resulting in the northern lights, northern lights are also referred to as Aurora borealis.

Where to see the northern lights:

The northern lights can be seen in the following places:

Europe provides a magnificent spot of seeing the northern lights, the best places that provide a clear view of the northern lights in Europe include the following:


The Levin iglut in the pine forests of the Northern finish Lapland provides the best spot to spot the northern lights. Levin iglut has glass ceilinged igloos can every visitor can stay and get a glimpse of the northern lights. Grilled vegetables, pasta beans and rice will form your recipe while on a trip in the Levin iglut.


Iceland is a place loved by many visitors when it comes to the spotting of the northern lights, this is due to the fact that Iceland is located further north and is in the wilderness. It provides a perfect spot for citing the northern lights more clearly.


With its midnight sun during the summer season, Norway provides a perfect spot foe citing the northern lights. During the winter season the dancing northern lights can be sited in Norway, this provides a perfect stop for those who want to get a glimpse the northern lights both in winter and summer seasons.

In America Canada is the best destination if you want to spot the northern lights further north, it provides the clearest view of the lights.


Alaska city has the highest probability of citing the northern lights, it provides one of the most popular viewing spots for the northern lights. In America most of the southern parts of America get covered by the northern lights during the high solar seasons, while the northern parts get covered during the low solar seasons. The food recipe here is great with lots of legumes and fresh farm produce, any vegetarian need not to worry about what they will eat during the visit.

The best times to see the northern lights is between august and march this is because in the high altitude northern areas darkness is seen during this period and since darkness is required in spotting the northern lights then the most perfect time to plan your visit to these places is between august and march. September and march are the best months you can spot the northern lights since the lights are always at peak during this time. The best time to spot the northern lights is when the skies are clear, this is because the northern lights occur up high in the atmosphere and can only be visible through clear skies. Weather is always a great factor that will determine how well you will spot the northern lights.