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Republik Kazantip Festival Is a Partiers Party

Music festivals are continuing to gain ground and surprisingly electronic music festivals are continuing to draw in massive amounts of festival goers. Such festivals like Tomorrowland in Belgium seems to grow on a yearly basis and the same goes for Kazantip as this festival offers not several days but several weeks of nonstop partying. The festival usually kicks off around the end of July and goes through August. Those in charge of the festival claim that they have their own free and sovereign nation for those few weeks and that festival goers need to forget the limitations put on them by laws and governments in which they reside. If you think this sounds a little different it is because the festival is different, it makes up about 150,000 or more attendees that feel the need to do whatever they feel like although a peaceful mentality is shared so don’t expect to see complete anarchy.


Night Shot at the Kazantip Festival


The Republik Kazantip Festival resides on the shores of the Black Sea in the Ukraine and has become popular enough for travel agencies to offer packages for festival goers although the trustworthiness of these agencies is up in the air it is important to remember a few facts about the festival before you plan your trip. First off is the fact that tickets are never sold out and can be purchased at the front gate even during the event. So don’t freak out if you can’t find tickets and watch out for scalpers and rip-offs trying to overcharge you. For accommodations, these need to be sorted as soon as possible as the surrounding towns offer places to stay but the inexpensive rooms book up well in advance. Hotels and hostels close to the action are first to go but don’t fret as there are places to stay in Popovka, Myrniy and Yevpatoria and all have buses running to and from the festival. If you have the means you can always get a taxi as well if you want a quicker form of transportation.



Kazantip Festival in Full Motion during Night Fall

Budget for $25-50 a night per person if you are going for the first time as the room rates can climb steeply during the festival. A top pick that is located close by is the Kazantip Leopolis Hotel which will set you back $50 – $100 per room but being 5-10 minutes walking distance from the festival, clean rooms and Wi-Fi make the place a top pick for festival goers. You will want to stock up on emergency party rations, food, drinks, and hangover nursing gear. Orange clothing and yellow trunks are the motif for the festival but that is up to you. Be prepared to be in the water at times and dancing a lot of the time and come up with a plan in the likely event you and your mates get separated.


Kazantip Republic Festival Partiers from the Beach



Another Party Photo of the Kazantip Festival in Ukraine