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The Influence of Santiago, Chile

For many travelers that I meet whilst traveling seem to share my feelings about cities in the fact that they are great to see for about a day or two and then you want to exit them as quickly as possible to get to a less congestive location. Though Santiago does have its bouts with congestive vehicles the capital city manages to draw in tourist and manages to get several days if not weeks out of them. Due to the economic stability and the basis for many multi-national corporations has helped the city to provide a clean and preserved city that is low in crime and high on helping visitors feel safe during their urban explorations.


View of Santiago Chile

Santiago is a beautiful city that manages to sit between a beautiful ocean and behind it sits the often snow capped Andes. So the location of the capital is ideal for those not sure whether to get to either the low or high elevations. Depending on your estimated time of arrival will determine the outdoor activities available but if you need a break from the winter months in the Northern Hemisphere then come visit the mild mannered climate of the area. January usually sees a temperature range in the 80’s where July often has highs near the 60’s. If you go during the cold season then you will certainly want to bring proper attire if you plan to visit the mountains. It is during the cold months where snow skiing is possible as well as some incredible horse riding tours can take you to a multitude of picturesque sights.


Anakena Beah in Chile

Lodging in the city can go from a rickety bunk bed to a royal penthouse. The prices usually start around the low teens for a hostel stay and decent hotel rooms will run you around $40 and up. You may wish to check for chain hotels if you happen to have rewards with any particular one as there might be one in this city.


Cathedral Santiago de Compostela

If you wish to see what the town has to offer then you will certainly love the locals in the array of small bars and restaurants as the city offers a relaxed vibe with many friendly faces and famous dishes. The town is an incredible place for foodies and especially seafood lovers. With local markets offering massive plates with a variety of delectable’s caught a few hours prior for only a few dollars is reason enough to visit this place. Touring around you will get to see many different museums as well as different styles of architecture including art deco. Although you certainly want to use common sense, there are far too many great things to do and see in this city but in order to find them you have to ask the locals and trek around town on your feet.

Santiago, Chile at Night

Santiago, Chile at Night