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6 Must Have Travel Apps for Your Phone


Traveling or going for business trips or vacations to different destinations has become part and parcel of today’s society. This means that at some point, one will have to be away from home. To ensure that one does not get various challenges on the trip or when away from home, there are a number of phone apps that will ensure that a person is kept well informed and organized. These apps range from those used for entertainment to those that provide maps and logistics. This adds fun to the trips and makes the stay away from home to be smooth.

Some of the must have apps before leaving for a trip include:

1. TripAdvisor

This app uses the phone GPS system to help one navigate through a foreign city or town. The app works offline thus doesn’t need a Wi-Fi connection or data access to operate. It includes more that 80 cities around the world making it one of the most important travelling apps especially for those visiting foreign cities or towns. The app can also help the user to find the nearest hotels, restaurants and some attraction sites.

2. WhatsApp Messenger

This is one of the currently most used apps. It provides a platform for the user to send data such as text messages, pictures, sound clips and even videos through the phone’s Wi-Fi connection or web package. This app enables the user to keep in touch with the people back at home and friends in different parts of the world from anywhere in the world at no extra cost.

3. WorldMate Live

This app helps the user to organize and plan for the trip. It helps provide information on hotel reservations, car renting services, information on airlines, maps and even times for meetings. This app can also be used to access the international clock as well as currency exchange rates, making traveling to other nations convenient.

4. TravelSafe Pro

This phone app provides the user with numbers for all the emergency services in almost all the countries in the world. Some of these services can be pinned to the screen as widgets for quick access. This app also provides embassies details thus a traveler won’t have to worry in cases such as loss of a passport.

5. FancyTran

This app is considered very important to those traveling to a foreign nation or to areas where they are not well conversant with the language being spoken. The app plays a key role in that it is able to provide translation for both speech and text in more than 60 different languages. This helps solve the problem of language barrier to the user.

6. WeatherPro

This phone app enables the user to get up to date reports on weather conditions from numerous geographical locations. It provides information on humidity, cloud formation, wind speeds and atmospheric pressure so the user will be able to know what to pack and what not to.

Having the right apps when going for a trip will ensure that one can easily overcome the challenges that come with being away from home. These apps will ensure that the trip goes smoothly as planed making the whole experience to be interesting and secure.