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How to Travel on a Tight Budget


If given the chance, there is no doubt that most of you would want to travel the world to see new places and to witness various cultures. However, due to a limited budget, not everyone can enjoy a lifestyle that involves traveling most of the time. It is no wonder that a lot of people have never been out of their own states or countries because of this very reason. Do not be one of them. It is very possible to travel even with a tight budget. You just have to strategize and plan your trip well in order to save on costs. Here are some tips that you might want to try.

Find a Host

Hotel accommodations take up a huge part of your budget when traveling. Just imagine how much you will save if your 5-day stay in a foreign country comes with free lodging. You can do this by reconnecting with friends who are staying in the country that you are visiting. Give them a call and ask if you can stay in their home for a while. They may be delighted to see you and welcome you with open arms. In return, you can treat them to a nice dinner or contribute to the daily meal expenses while you are there. You may also try using sites like Couch Surfing.

Travel Light

Most airlines nowadays only allow one check-in baggage per passenger. Any extra luggage, therefore, will have to be paid for and the fee is usually enormous. To avoid being charged extra, try to travel light. Pack clothes that you can mix and match to give you a new look every day. Not only will you be avoiding fees for excess baggage, you will also realize that it is easier to travel around if you only have one bag to carry with you all the time.

Commute to the Places that You Plan to Visit

Taking the cab is another way to waste your money when traveling. Trains and buses cost less so try to learn how to take the public transit in the place that you plan to visit. This means that you need to do a thorough research for your trip. One way to get reliable information is to join forums. There are numerous forums available online that focus on foreign travels to specific destinations. Forum members usually help each other out by sharing their experiences and giving travel tips. Aside from the tips that you will get here, also make sure that you carry a map with you to help you get around the place. There are tour maps available in most airports or you can download one from the web before your travel.

Travel on Off-Peak Seasons

Another piece of information that you should research is the peak seasons of the place that you are visiting. Airfare and hotel accommodations usually spike up during this season, so try to avoid that. In fact, when you travel on off-peak seasons, you may even get special discounts. Another perk of traveling on off-peak season is that you can avoid the crowd and enjoy your trip in leisure.

There are many more ways to save on your travel. Just remember to plan well, book in advance, and watch out for promotions given by airlines and travel agencies.