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Bland City with Beautiful History is Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Mongolia is a dark area in the view of tourism yet holds an incredible amount of historical value and natural beauty not to mention some of the most hospitable people in the world. Getting to Mongolia can be an incredible experience in itself and depending on your time schedule can make for either the easy fly-in method or maybe by taking a train from Moscow or Beijing. If you take a train from Moscow means you can see the sights along the Trans-Siberian railway and if you travel from Beijing then you can travel through the Gobi desert. Since Ulaanbaatar is the capital means that all forms of transit to and from the city are relatively easy to find.


Central Tower Public Park in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar has over a million residents and taxis are commonly seen around the city and inexpensive to take to and from your destinations around the city. Taxi drivers can sometimes take advantage of the tourist but if you can negotiate a price or find one with a meter then you should get around inexpensively. The historical areas of the city can be seen on foot and though much of the architecture is not aesthetically pleasing and much of the buildings are bland and unimpressive should not have you regretting your visit as there are many places to see in and just outside the city and with the inexpensive hostels and hotels to choose from means that you won’t be blowing through money. Your bunk beds will start around $5 a night and $11 for a basic hotel room.


Fireworks Going off at Night in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

Activities and must see sights include Sky Resort in the winter as it offers a free shuttle for some fun skiing and snowboarding during the winter months. If you make it to the city in the warmer months then you can rent mountain bikes to ride around the streets on or to get on some great mountain single-track. There are some incredible parks to see in the surrounding area such as the Terelj National Park, Hustai National Park, Yol Valley and more. If you wish to stay inside the city limits then you can check out the Central Tower Public Park, Genghis Khan Complex, Museum of Natural History and much more.


Top of the Lift at the Sky Resort in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

You will find that there are many different museums and monasteries to tour in the city and can make for a great experience for finding out about the history of this incredible country. With low prices for travel, tours, beds, and food can make this a good destination for an extended time to get yourself acclimated to the culture and life of an urban to ancient Mongolian. Though much of the country is hard to see through means other than by foot means that there is a lot left to explore and depending on your time frame makes for some possibly excellent adventures.