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Explore Vienna Like a Local with These Great Travel Tips

Vienna is Austria’s capital city and its most famous town, but, unfortunately, that means it can be touristy too. For travelers who prefer to spend their trips surrounded by local, instead of other tourists, it can be hard to get away from the tourist traps. But there is a side of Vienna that isn’t well-known by tourists. You just have to go searching for it. You can enjoy both sides of the city if you want to see the touristy places too. The secret to experiencing Vienna like a local is to not allow yourself to be blinded by tourists recommendations for tourists. Listen to what the locals are saying and where they’re going, and you’ll find places like the ones below.


Find Somewhere Unusual to Stay


One way to begin exploring the city like a local is by picking a hotel that’s popular with Austrians, as well as international travelers. Venere hotels in Vienna have a huge range of places to stay, from luxury establishments to tiny boutiques. Find somewhere that’s local to the area, instead of part of a big international chain, and you’re more likely to be staying with local people.




Take a Segway Tour


A Segway tour of the city may seem a little touristy, but it’s a unique and fun way to explore the city. When most tourists are walking or cycling around, you can be whizzing around on two wheels of a different kind. During the tour, you’ll see lots of different sights and learn about the history and culture of Vienna. Don’t worry, you’ll get to have a practice on your Segway before you go zooming off. Once you’ve got the hang of it, you can start exploring. Segway tours are popular with the locals too, because Segways are still a novel way to get around and people want to try it out.


Places to Eat and Drink


It’s not difficult to find places to eat and drink away from the beaten track. Instead of going straight for the plush, traditional coffee houses and restaurants in the city center, start wandering and looking for other places. Have a look at where the locals go, and you can almost guarantee you’ll find somewhere good. It’s usually easy to tell tourists apart from the local people, so it’s easy to find the places they love. And if an establishment has been around for years, like the Trzesniewski snack bar, you know it’s good enough to stand the test of time.


Cruise on the Danube

Vienna’s location on the Danube makes it a great place to cruise from on the river. It also means Vienna is a regular stop on longer cruises down the river. Try taking a cruise to Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia. You’ll love the cruise up the river, where you’ll see some beautiful views, and you’ll also get to explore two cities in one day. Bratislava is a great city too, and because the cruise is only just over an hour, it makes a brilliant day trip from Austria.