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Island Hopping and Helping the Visayas, Philippines

There has been a lot of talk amongst travelers whether they should go forth and travel after Mother Nature has dealt the Philippines such a bad hand. Here is my take on the situation. Tourism is the driving economical force behind many of these local economies and after a devastating natural disaster these individuals not only have to rebuild and repair both physical and emotional damage but to also lose their income due to lack of tourism makes the overall situation even worse. This is a chance for you the tourist to become an ambassador for your country and display goodwill. You as a tourist can not only get your time on the beach but you can also provide humanitarian effort to those in need and make friends for life. By setting aside a few days to simply help those in need with anything from food to physical labor will go a long way. Maybe an area you wish to travel has a problem with their water treatment or medical issues that can be helped by over the counter medicine or simple water filtration on purification tablets? There are many ways to help and even if you can’t provide these things then at least you staying in their facilities and eating at the local eateries will help to put money back into their economy.


Beach Panorama in Visayas, Philippines

Be aware of the travel warnings in effect for southern areas of the Philippines such as the Sulu Archipelago and the island of Mindanao. These are places seen to have hostility and conflict and is best to notify the embassy in the event you do wish to travel to these locations.


A shot from Above at Kayangan Lake in the Philippines

For those that love nature, adventure, and the beach will love this area of the Philippines as there are so many different opportunities to experience the islands and the culture. From scuba diving to gambling there is a full spectrum of opportunities for tourists in order to keep them entertained during their visit. Prices for most goods and lodging are inexpensive. Depending on what you plan to do will determine whether it is best to book beforehand or find local deals. Some activities such as scuba diving and paintball or anything that uses specific equipment will usually cost the same whether booked online or in person. Other activities like nature tours and boat rides can sometimes be bargained with in person for a lower price.


Map of the Visayas Islands

Lodging is inexpensive whether you plan to stay in a hostel or hotel. Beds in hostels usually start under $10 a night and rooms around $20. Like most places the cost will determine if you are in town or near the beach but for the most part all the prices as well as costs for getting around our inexpensive. It will be beneficial to check to see what locations are operational since the 2013 storm ravaged the area. You may wish to send emails to possible hostels or hotels you plan to stay at and usually they will have a grasp on what tours and activities are available.


Another photo of Kayangan Lake but from the Ground


Manille, Visayas, Philippines