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The Incredible Beauty of the Whitsundays Beaches, Australia

There are some places on this incredible planet of ours that seem to be so photogenic that they appear numerous times in travel blogs, magazines and websites like this one. For us here at Daring Planet we make this paradise “down under” a mandatory stop for when traveling to the great continent/country of Australia. Located on the eastern seaboard north of Brisbane is the 74 island chain of the Whitsundays. Located in between the Coral Sea’s Great Barrier Reef and the mainland sit several different islands and national parks that maintain a clean and tourist friendly destination. As for the blue water and the bright white beaches, you will be in need of some massive memory cards for your camera due to the amount of amazing photo opportunities seen here. If you can get your hands on a waterproof camera then you will not regret taking it as well as a point-and-shoot and DSLR. With the vast beauty to experience and the level of relaxation being as strong as you will let it be means that you will likely want to stay a few days trekking around this area. Whitehaven Beach and Hamilton Island are two must see destinations in the area.


Hamilton Island, Queensland, Australia

If you are a planner then look to several different cruises and day tours in and around the area. These will usually start at $100 each for a half-day cruise and quickly jump up in price. If you are not particularly a planner then you can likely find better deals if you talk to the right people, the only issue might be if the tourism is high at your time of visit then it could leave you stranded at your incredibly beautiful location. So it is up to you how you wish to proceed but more than likely you will be able to get to all your destinations whether you book in advance or not.


Whitehaven Beach, Australia

For the lodging aspect you can spend upwards of several hundreds of dollars a night in some ridiculously chic villas but if you are like this writer then the cheapest place is the best place. If you are on a budget then you will be able to find hostels renting rooms for around $20 a night. Some will be even less like the backpacker hostels located on Airlie Beach. This location is your best bet for finding inexpensive lodging.


Airlie Beach, Whitsundays, Australia

Eating out is not going to be cheap here so it can be beneficial to shop at the Airlie supermarket and cook for yourself. You will find that some places will have lunch deals that will help if you feel to hung-over to cook for yourself.

As beauty goes this is certainly a top spot for getting those ridiculously nice beach photos that makes everyone back home want to pull their hair out with jealously. So get packing and bring a good camera or three.