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The Romanticism and Exploration of Budapest, Hungary

There is just something intriguing about a city that is so steeped in a historical past and offers the sheer beauty of ancient architecture. Budapest is no small town bud a bustling capital city that attracts over 4 million tourists a year. With a rising growth in tourism and becoming a trendy place to experience European culture is causing more individuals to take notice. If you get a chance to experience this beautiful destination with someone special then plan to fall deeper in love.


View of Danube River along Budapest, Hungary

The charm of the city reverberates through all that make an effort to stroll through the streets or gaze upon from the river Danube. The architecture is astounding and the cafes and pubs fill the shops full of a warm rich atmosphere. For sightseeing you have a wide array of options as you can do anything from visit one of the many natural hot springs to go on a bicycle tour around many different points of interest. The Castle District is a top pick for history fans as you have an array of architecture to scope out and helps give you a grasp on the immense amount of history the city has been through. With the multiple historical sites to see means that you will want a few days to get to explore a majority of the points of interest and a good pair of comfortable shoes will get you a long way. Navigating the streets can leave you perplexed at times so it doesn’t hurt to have a trusty form of navigation with you during your bouts of urban exploring. Since the Danube River cuts through the city you can usually use this as your main point of navigation. For those of you seeking some nightlife will more than likely wish to get to the east side of the River as a majority of the bars and clubs are located throughout the centralized area of the 5th and 7th district.


Boscolo Hotel in Budapest, Hungary

For lodging you have many different options to choose from. If you are the backpacker type that is on a strict budget then you love the fact that you can get a dorm room for less than $10. Depending if you want party time all the time or a little tranquility will certainly be something you want to ask the staff especially if staying on the East side of the river near the center of the city. For the cost of your hotel or hostel stay will depend on location and the amount of niceties you plan on enjoying. You can still manage to find great deals around town and decent rooms if you are traveling with someone and privacy would be greatly appreciated and in this great city your love interest just might demand privacy when staying somewhere.


Parlament Building in Budapest Hungary


Beautiful View of Budapest, Hungary