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View of the cute otters at Discovery Cove in Tampa Florida
Adventure and Backpacking

5 Best Places to Swim with Otters

Walking the planet and swimming around in its oceans for the last five million years, otters are believed to be some of the most skilled and intelligent critters in the world. How did this second-smallest marine mammal get so lucky to be endowed with both smarts and good looks? I mean, otters […]

View of a a construction on the Playa at Burning Man
Adventure and Backpacking

Best Places to Travel Alone

At the end of the day, you’re your own best friend. If you think you can put up with yourself long enough to solo travel, then you’re ready to set sail on some glorious adventures. Traveling as an individual allows you to be free in the sense that you don’t […]

One of the best things to do in Ensenada - walk the Malecon
North America

6 Memorable Things to Do in Ensenada

Once the capital of Baja California, the coastal city of Ensenada, Mexico, also known as Tijuana’s sister, is a popular town to visit for its proximity to the U.S,  receiving over four million tourists each year. This charming city is a two-hour day trip away from San Diego, and is […]

View of colonial buildings in Southern Spain

Best Time to Visit Spain

You can find just about any excuse to visit the beloved land of the Siesta. Spain is a vibrant, seventeen-region European country known for its sheer beauty and uniqueness, where its citizens truly know what “taking it easy” means, as you’ll rarely see anyone in a rush to get somewhere. […]

Map of Tokyo Districts

Tokyo Districts

How many districts are there in Tokyo? Well, Tokyo has a total of 47 main centers, with each being like a small city. Tokyo is like a whole other world in itself, really. Before departing for Tokyo Japan, hopefully this nifty travel guide will prepare you for your endeavors in […]

Central America

Best Time to Visit Costa Rica

First things first. There are two seasons in Costa Rica – wet (or green) season, and dry season. Boom. That’s all you need to know. Alright, only kidding! Depending on which season you prefer to travel in will likely play a large role in determining when you decide will be the best […]

View of the colorful buildings near coastal Greece

Best Time to Visit Greece

Located in Western Europe in the South Balkan peninsula, Greece is a country that’s considered to be the bassinet of Western civilization, having had a tremendous impact on philosophy, art, and politics as we know it. From its pristine island beaches (that number over two thousand!) to the capital of Athens, to […]

Misty winter morning in Sapa, Vietnam

Best Time to Visit Vietnam

Known for being one of the world’s ultimate travel destinations, the Southeast Asian country of Vietnam is a landmass full of lovely landscapes, culinary delights like Pho, and various seasonal delights that are a treat to experience any time of the year. Whether you’re traveling by your lonesome or with […]

Typical day at the pink sand beach of Playa Colorada in Venezuela
Beaches, South America

Best Beaches in Venezuela

Situated on the Northern coast of South America, and bordering Guyana to the East, Colombia to the West, and Brazil to the South, the paradise of Venezuela is comprised of a mainland territory, and also some islands off the coast of the Caribbean Sea. Practically nuzzled right on the equator, […]

A clear day at one of the best beaches of Uruguay, Punta del Este

Best Beaches in Uruguay

Uruguay beaches are breathtaking and have something to offer for everyone. It’s a country in South America well known for it’s beautiful coastline. This country has a progressive, stable, and relatively safe, economic and political climate, sophisticated culture, and is a refuge where you can see wildlife like penguins, sea […]

Huacachina Oasis in Peru
South America

Twelve Can’t Miss Things to do in Peru

Peru is a land filled with archaic ruins and wonder. Nestled in the West of South America underneath Ecuador and above Chile and Bolivia, Peru is a land of sacred traditions and culture, and has a variety of terrain – ranging from the Andes mountains, dense jungles, coastal areas that […]

Trunk Bay

Best Beaches in the Virgin Islands 2020

The U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI) are a group of about ninety exotic Eastern Caribbean keys that lay to the east of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico. The small territory consists of three principal islands, St. Thomas, St. John, and St. Croix – each having its unique charm. All of […]

Orange sunset at Narrangansett Beach

Best Beaches in Rhode Island 2020

With over four hundred miles of shoreline, lakes, fishponds, sandy stretches, and sheltered inlets, Rhode Island may be the smallest state in the United States, but it is not lacking in space to do aquatic activities. This East coast niche is referred to as the Ocean State and features many […]